22e colloque de l'école doctorale des sciences de la vie et de la santé / 22th annual meeting of the doctoral school in biology and health science

The Faculty of Medicine of La Timone welcomes the XXII meeting of the Doctoral School on June 5-6, 2014. The choice to organize the meeting on Timone area reflects the policy of the EDSVS to be present in all the sites of Aix-Marseille University with a strong visibility in scientific research. More than 150 PhDs are expected to participate to scientific communications and forum and to attend to conferences.

The originality of the meeting is its organization based on the engagement of PhDs. You have already contributed to the selection of presentations and the organization of conferences and forum. You will play a critical role in the animation of the meeting and the selection of awards for oral presentations and poster. To increase the interdisciplinarity of the meeting, we decided that the oral presentations will no longer be organized as thematic sessions. This will oblige you to an effort but it is an opportunity to boost the exchanges between the participants of the meeting.

The EDSVS has been the connection between the PhDs and the scientific (research institutes) and administrative environment (Aix-Marseille University and Collège Doctoral). Besides the traditional role of EDSVS in the training of PhD, the EDSVS in collaboration with the Collège Doctoral, other doctoral schools and persons in charge of PhD programs has decided to reorganize the modalities of training and validation of former modules required to valorize a PhD Thesis. Hence, it is admitted that the training of PhDs, while compulsory, should not exceed 100 hours over the three years of PhD and would consist of 50% of discipline-centered training and 50% in connection with the economic world. The EDSVS considers that the time dedicated to the PhD is critical for the future and cannot be dispersed by an excessive number of trainings.

The EDSVS also pays attention to the follow-up and success of the PhDs and is helped by the Thesis committees in this regard. The EDSVS will enhance the interaction with the different Thesis committees of the different research institutes of Aix-Marseille University. The EDSVS has organized specific manifestations in relationship with the economic world to optimize your professional insertion after the PhD defense. Finally, remember that you can participate to the Doctoral School Council and impact the policy of the Doctoral School. An autoevaluation of the doctoral school is planned in the fall and volonteers are welcome to participate to this half day event.

We wish to thank the volunteers including the members of Hippo’these association for their critical role in the success of the meeting. We also thank Aurélie Auffray and Françoise Marouze for their dynamism in the organization of the meeting and their availability during the year.

Philippe Naquet, Director EDSVS and Jean-Louis Mege, Deputy Director EDSVS